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We hope you will join us Friday 13th of June, 4-8pm, to celebrate the feast day of Santo António, patron saint of Lisbon.

Santo António, of Lisbon and later of Padua, was a Portuguese friar of the Franciscan Order. Many miracles have been attributed to him and he is considered protector of souls in purgatory, guardian of good marriages, defender of animals, healer, and advocate of lost causes.
The entire month of June in Lisbon is devoted to saints’ festivals, but Santo António’s is very special. On that night, the crowds are immense and the streets teem with life and smoke – as, upon every doorstep and outside every restaurant, sardines are grilled and served simply with grilled green peppers and boiled potatoes drenched in olive oil.
During this popular street festival, it is a tradition to offer a small pot of basil to loved ones and, in the narrow streets, terracotta pots with manjericos (basil) are sold. Traditionally bought by men and given as a presents to their lovers on Santo António’s night.
Traditionally on Santo António’s night everyone releases a paper balloon into the sky and, if it flies, your wish will come true.


The event is taking place at:

Leila’s Shop

15-17 Calvert Ave

London E2 7JP



From 4 – 8pm