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Cow Bell or “Chocalho”


These cow bells are still produced in the traditional centuries old way, fact which prompted UNESCO to recently classify them as Intangible Cultural Heritage. When traveling through beautiful Alentejo you will most certainly stumble across them adorning the necks of cows, goats and sheep, oftentimes interrupting your travels because the road was just too appetising. You can use them either to get a bit of humanity’s cultural heritage on your favourite furry friend’s neck, or for their beautiful soul warming sound when hung or even as a beautiful decorative piece.

Approximate dimensions:

No. 1
Diameter · 18 mm
Height · 30 mm

No. 3
Diameter · 25 mm
Height · 45 mm

No. 4
Diameter · 40 mm
Height · 55 mm

No. 14
Diameter · 80 mm
Height · 165 mm

No. 18
Diameter · 90 mm
Height · 205 mm

No. 22
Diameter · 105 mm
Height · 250 mm

No. 25
Diameter · 110 mm
Height · 280 mm

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