Portuguese goods curated by Pedro da Costa Felgueiras

Product Review / Oil Garden Lantern

In this section, we reveal the secrets of a single Saudade-shop product and the process behind its creation. We feel that its important to show you the methods behind the products, to take you closer to the way things are made and share the stories that make us love them so much. We believe that a good quality, truly luxurious item is an item of substance, one that connects consumer, creator and community, and is a handmade one using the traditional techniques long lost in many over-industrialised parts of Europe.

The tinsmith we featured is the oldest person still producing this type of object in Portugal. The moulds he uses were forged 50 years ago or so. His finished products have not changed much since he first created them, they have been only slightly refined and tweaked over the years. When we visited, he received us in this old work apron and took us into a workspace that felt magical and ancient, it made us feel as if we’d taken the trip not by car, but by time machine.

This Product is of a simple, singular beauty as well as a thoroughly practical choice for lovers of the great outdoors.