Portuguese goods curated by Pedro da Costa Felgueiras

Pedro da Costa Felgueiras / The New Craftsmen

The traditional humble cork vessel imagined anew.

Pedro brings all his cultural knowledge and work professional research to this piece.
The shape of this object is as it to harvested from nature. This is the bark of the Portuguese cork oak, the parts that grow over old cut branches or deformities on the tree trunk. It can only be collected every seven to eight years and it takes at least fifty years before the cork can be harvested the first time.

The outside is left as found but on the inside the shape is reworked. His experience of living and working in London for the last two decades manifests itself in the materials and techniques used to rework the bowl’s interior. Pigments found in British soil are used: English Red and Oxford Yellow are ground in oil and multiple layers of each are applied. Pedro’s understanding of and familiarity with Japanese lacquer techniques allow him the skill to delicately line the inside with 24 carat gold. It will wear gently like old lacquered tableware found in many Japanese monasteries.

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