Portuguese goods curated by Pedro da Costa Felgueiras

Saudade × Emílio Braga

With Emílio Braga, Saudade has created a set of four notepads, all in different vibrant colours selected by Pedro da Costa Felgueiras. Inspired by old school notebooks, they remind us of a bygone era, a time when notebooks were made plain with strong bright colours and no branding. Those were the times when plain covers and the refined practical design of the objects themselves enticed people rather than their brand or trend.

In 1918, Emilio da Silva Braga opened in Lisbon, what at the time was considered to be the best stationers in town. Almost a century later, this company is still owned by the fourth generation of the same family. In current production they still are their characteristic note books, with their spine and corners covered in colourful bookcloth, produced in exactly the same artisanal way as they were one hundred years ago.